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Albany Mutual Telephone was organized due to individual concerns for the community and surrounding area and the realization of the importance of telephony to the growth and vitality of the community. With this in mind, a group of concerned citizens of the area promoted the idea of purchasing and improving the telephone system in existence at that time.

In the late 1940's and the early 1950's, through the cooperation of various area residents consisting of farmers, businessmen, and citizens of the community, Albany Mutual Telephone was established. The intent of the organization was to consolidate the surrounding farmer-owned switcher lines and to purchase the Albany Telephone Company, with the idea of operating one telephone company on a cooperative basis.

The formal incorporation of Albany Mutual Telephone was completed on March 2nd, 1951.
The cooperative is participating in several consortiums and joint ventures to provide a number of advanced services. These services consist of Local and Long Distance Telephone service, High Speed and Dial-up Internet, Cellular and PCS, Interactive TV to schools throughout Central Minnesota, Directory services, and Digital TV service.

Albany Mutual Telephone currently operates the three exchanges of Albany (845), Freeport (836), and New Munich (837), which include the communities of St. Anthony, St. Rosa, and the surrounding areas. The cooperative serves approximately 3,450 access lines. All three exchanges are tied together via a fiber-optic ring to assure continued operation, as well as a 250 mile toll network.

Being a cooperative provides you many benefits you don’t get from other communication providers. As a customer of the cooperative, you are an owner, which gives you voting rights, and allows you to elect a representative from your area to serve in your best interest. In addition to that, you get money back just for being a customer, since we pay dividends to our members, you get money back based on the money you spend with us…it’s like getting paid to have great services.

Albany Mutual Telephone wants to thank you for your past patronage and look forward to serving you long into the future with the latest in technology.

If you ever have any questions comments or concerns please do not hesitate to call our local, friendly staff at 320.845.2101.

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The Albany Mutual Telephone Spring 2014 newsletter is available now.

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