There’s a Difference

At Albany Mutual Telephone we’re a small company... but we offer more exciting services than the big guys (any day of the week).

The Story

When telephones were the newest thing our rural area didn’t have them. The people of Albany, Freeport and the surrounding communities wanted phone service, but when they asked the big guys to come and provide it, they said “Sorry. Too rural and expensive. Good luck.”

So there was the problem. They couldn’t get phone service; and they wanted it.

Then came the idea. Some members of the community wondered “Why don’t we do it ourselves?”  And that's what they did.

In the latter 1940’s Albany Mutual Telephone Association, a cooperative, was created and telephones were provided.  Those were exciting times.

Much More than Phone Services Today

Fast forward over 65 years and what you get from the company has changed. You get the full range of services including Ultra High-Speed Internet, TV, long distance, cellular, and more, in addition of course to that telephone service started so long ago.

All of this is delivered using an advanced fiber-to-the-home network that makes possible some truly groundbreaking services—with Internet at speeds of up to 1 Gig (that’s 1000 Mbps)! You can’t get faster Internet anywhere in the United States.

And it’s all available in the small towns of Albany, Freeport, New Munich, St. Anthony, and St. Rosa, MN. The big guys just can’t touch us.

Dollars Come Back to You

Albany Mutual Telephone is a cooperative, so net profit is paid back to members in the form of capital credits (assuming profitability).  That means you automatically get cash back just from buying services you need anyway.  Payments are less frequent in early years, but over time the cash back really adds up--you'll probably average getting between 20 and 30% of what you spend with us returned to you--in cash payments over time. 

Plus, because we’re a cooperative we believe it’s our role to make the communities we serve better places to be. One of the ways we do that is through the Albany Mutual Telephone Association Foundation. Over the years, we’ve supported our communities approaching $1 million of charitable giving. That’s not just a little better. It’s a lot better.

To Sum It Up

Albany Mutual Telephone uses advanced technology (fiber-to-the-home) far beyond any of the big competitors, offers affordable rates, with big smiles, and cooperative cash-back benefits to boot.

Don’t miss out. Contact Albany Mutual Telephone today. You’ll be glad you did.

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