Ultra High-Speed Service

At Albany Mutual, we’ve built an incredible fiber-to-the-home network that brings you groundbreaking Internet service.  You simply can’t get faster Internet service anywhere in Minnesota.  It’s that fast.
Choose the package that’s right for you, your home, or your business and contact us today.  

Ultra High-Speed Internet*

Get up to 1 Gigabit of affordable speed (that’s 1000 Megabits) (that’s really fast).

Unlimited Use

Use the Internet whenever, and as often as you wish. 

Speed for All Your Devices at Once*

Whether you need simple speed for one computer; or enough for absolutely everything and everyone at once… there’s a package just right for you! 

Private E-mail & E-mail Storage

Popular free e-mail services such as G-mail scan the contents of your e-mail to target you with advertising and store data about you forever.  We don’t do that—your e-mail is your business*.  You get up to 5 free e-mail accounts with 100 MB of storage.  That’s a lot of e-mail.

Webmail Access

Use your web based interface to securely check your e-mail from any Internet connection, on any computer or device, from anywhere in the world.

Exclusive Savings with Capital Credits (works like cash back)

You automatically become a cooperative member when you choose services with Albany Mutual Telephone.  This means you are allocated Capital Credits which work like cash back on all your Internet, phone, and TV purchases.

Reserve Your Installation Today

*All Internet activity is subject to the Albany Mutual Telephone acceptable use policy (in a nutshell — don’t break the law).  Internet speeds are “up to,” actual speed may vary.

Wholesale Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Service

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