Triple Play Bundles

All three of your necessary forms of connecting with the outside world conveniently bundled into one plan from one company. With a triple play bundle you get Digital TV, Telephone and High-Speed Internet.

What you get with Digital TV bundles:

  • Crystal clear picture
  • Interactive on-screen guide shows a week’s worth of future programming
  • Parental controls to keep young ones safe
  • Favorites list allow you to customize your experience
  • One bill per month for all of your services
  • Local service and support
  • A small sleek digital receiver
  • Optional On-Screen Caller ID
  • Unlimited Local calling
  • Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, and Call Forwarding
  • A dedicated High Speed Internet connection (data speeds are 20MB in fiber areas)
Triple Play Bundles
Bundle Price
Basic TV, Telephone & Internet

Basic digital TV, unlimited local calling and high speed Internet
Expanded TV, Telephone & Internet

Basic and expanded digital TV, unlimited local calling and high speed Internet
Premier TV, Telephone & Internet

Basic, expanded and premier digital TV, caller ID, unlimited local calling and high speed Internet

* Bundle Prices do not include taxes or other mandated surcharges.

Add More to Your Bundle

The following features can be added to any Service Bundle above.

Bundle Additions
Feature Monthly Price
HD: See what your TV can do. With high definition you get the highest quality picture and sound available. $2.95/mo per STB or $9.95/mo per house
DVR: Use your Digital Video Recorder to easily record, pause or rewind live TV (available in select areas) $9.95
Whole Home DVR: Record, watch and delete in any room. $12.95

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