Ultimate 911 Safety

In the event of an emergency, only landline service automatically allows you to simply dial 911to dispatch authorities at once to your exact address—even in a power outage (with a corded phone).  Unlike cellular, there’s no need to identify your emergency or even talk—because in an emergency you or a loved one may not be able to.  It’s rock-solid 911safety… only from Albany Mutual Telephone.

Automatic Directory Listing

We'll keep your online and traditional directory listing up-to-date through the print directory we publish and through our partner so friends and neighbors can find you.  

FREE! Telemarketing Block

We understand how pesky and tricky telemarketers can be.  Stop those annoying calls and protect yourself with our simple and free telemarketing block.  We’ll help you receive only the calls important to you.

Telemarketing Block

Power Outage Safety Protection!

Did you know, in the event of a weather-related power emergency at your home or business, with a corded phone (not cordless), your landline telephone service will work?  Avoid the risk of an uncharged cell phone, Internet-based phones, or an overloaded cellular network by keeping a corded phone on hand for emergencies. 

Unlimited Local Calls

Includes unlimited calls to the entire local service area.

Value Pricing

Your telephone service is just around $30/month with tax/fees, PLUS… you get significant cooperative capital credits (works like cash back!) on all telephone, TV and Internet service purchases made from Albany Mutual Telephone. 

Exclusive Savings with Capital Credits (works like cash back)*

You automatically become a cooperative member when you choose services with Albany Mutual Telephone.  This means you are allocated Capital Credits which work like cash back on all your Internet, phone, and TV purchases. Over time, many members see as much as 50% or more of their monthly service charges returned in cash dividends!

Cooperative Cash Back

*Must be in the cooperative main service territory to receive coop cash-back membership. All dividends are estimated on historical averages, no amount returned guaranteed.  

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