Phone Features

The following is a list of features you can add to your basic phone service. For a description, click the name of the feature. To add any of these features, please fill out our application for phone features.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Anonymous call rejection blocks calls from those who are blocking their number when calling you.

Anyone else who uses one of the blocking options when calling you will be automatically sent to a recorded message informing them you do not wish to receive their call.

Automatic Recall

Automatic Recall allows you to dial a code and have a call automatically returned to the last party who called or attempted to call you.

What Automatic Recall Does For You:

  • Eliminates the aggravation of rushing to the phone when you're returning from errands or in the shower only to find that the person on the other end has hung up.
  • Makes it easy to return calls that would normally be missed.

Automatic Call Back

Automatic Call Back allows you to dial a code to have your phone continuously attempt to redial a busy number that you tried to call. When the line is free, you will be alerted with a special ringing, and a call will automatically be made. You can also use Automatic Redial to redial the last number you called.

What Automatic Call Back will do for you:

  • Eliminates the frustration of continuously dialing numbers and receiving annoying busy signals.
  • Saves time and effort. Automatic Redial will keep dialing the numbers for you--automatically-until your call gets through.
  • You will no longer have to look up or remember the phone number during redial attempts.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding allows you to redirect all calls to another telephone number.

What Call Forwarding does for you:

  • Reduces missed calls.
  • Calls can follow you wherever you go.
  • Eliminates waiting for important calls.
  • Enhances home security when you are away.

Call Forwarding Busy Line - Variable

Call Forward Busy allows you to direct calls to another telephone number when the line is busy.

What Call Forwarding does for you:

  • Reduces missed calls.
  • Calls are answered when your line is busy.
  • Won't miss important calls.

Call Forwarding Don't Answer - Variable

Call Forward Don't Answer redirects your calls to another phone number if you do not answer your phone within a specified number of rings.

What Call Forwarding Don't Answer does for you:

  • You don't need to remember to activate call forwarding.
  • Reduces missed calls.
  • Calls are answered when your line is not answered.

Call Trace

Call Trace allows you to automatically request a trace of an obscene, threatening or harassing call. After receiving such a call, you simply dial a special code to have the calling party's phone number printed at the telephone Company.

What Call Trace Does For You:

  • Helps you put an end to harassing and offending calls.
  • Enhances your security and privacy.

Caller ID

Caller ID lets you see the name and number of the party that's calling you. You will need a phone with a Caller ID screen or a Caller ID box to display the name and number.

What Caller ID does for you:

  • Allows you to determine who is calling before answering or deciding to answer the phone.
  • Enhances security and helps eliminate harassing calls.
  • Your caller ID display device can store the phone numbers of people who called, even while you were out. You can easily review these numbers and return their calls.

Calling ID Delivery Blocking (per call)

This service is automatically provided free of charge on your telephone line.

With this feature, you are able to place a call without their directory name and number being delivered and displayed to the called party.

Cancel Call Waiting

Cancel Call Waiting allows you to Cancel Call Waiting before or during a telephone call.

What Cancel Call Waiting can do for you:

  • Prevents Call Waiting interruptions on important calls and long distance calls.
  • Prevents data transmission errors caused by Call Waiting tones when using computer modems.

Selective Call Forwarding

Selective Call Forwarding allows you to create a list of phone numbers that are to be forwarded when they call you.

When you activate this service, and a call arrives from a telephone number that is on your list, the call is forwarded. All other calls will ring your phone in the normal fashion.

What Selective Call Forwarding does for you:

  • Eliminates having to wait for important calls. Your most important calls can be forwarded to a number where they can be answered.
  • You can leave your home or office and still receive urgent calls.

Selective Call Rejection

Selective Call Rejection allows you to create a list of phone numbers from which you do not wish to receive calls.

Calls from phone numbers on your list are sent to an announcement that informs the caller that you are not receiving calls at this time.

What "Selective Call Rejection" does for you:

  • Allows you to block calls from people with whom you do not wish to speak.
  • Enhances security and privacy.

Selective Toll Restriction

Selective Toll Restriction allows you to control all types of toll dialing from your line.

Speed Calling (8 numbers or 30 numbers)

Speed Calling allows you to call selected telephone numbers quickly by dialing an assigned code.

What "Speed Calling" does for you:

  • Eliminates the need to look up or remember telephone numbers.
  • Saves time when dialing numbers, especially long distance numbers.
  • Allows fast, accurate dialing of emergency numbers.

Three-Way Calling

Three-Way Calling allows you to add a third party to an existing telephone conversation.

What "Three-Way Calling" does for you:

  • Reduces the need for callbacks when trying to confirm plans and schedules.
  • Brings families and friends together.

Voice Mail

Voice Mail is an easy-to-use voice answering-service that offers several advantages over answering machines. It allows incoming calls to be forwarded to your mailbox even if you're on the phone.

It works with Call Waiting. If you choose not to answer the Call Waiting tone, the call is forwarded to your mailbox. Voice Mail takes up no space, no worries about repairs, and it works with any touchtone phone.

Optional features provide pager notification, group distribution, and additional message and greeting capacity.

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