Long Distance Service

We’ve eliminated the confusion of Long Distance Telephone service. Whether you choose our Flat 14 plan which has no fees unless you make Long Distance calls, or our 1.95 & 11, 4.95 & 9 or Unlimited Long Distance plans that allow you to get a great low rate depending on your usage.

Setting up your Long Distance, is easy, we can have it set up quickly, and there are no activation fees.

Long distance rates and services that we provide.

No cost to switch. Easy to sign up. Capital credits refunds for use. One bill for local and long distance.

Calling Plan Rates
Package Monthly Price

Flat 14¢ Plan

14¢ no matter how much or as little as you talk. No monthly fees


1.95 & 11

$1.95 per month and all calls are just 11¢ per minute


4.95 & 9

$4.95 per month and all calls are just 9¢ per minute



Call as much as you like with no per minute fees

* Unlimited calling plan is for residential use only and requires acceptable use policy.


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